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  Fiction writing by trans women

This anthology is something new: a collection of stories written, edited, and self-published by trans women of color working collectively to equally share the profits from our work. Featuring stories by Jasmine Kabale Moore, Joss Barton, Gillian Ybabez, Jamie Berrout, Catherine Kim, manuel arturo abreu, Jeffrey Gill, Libby White, Lulu Trujillo, Alma Díaz, Saki.

The stories in this anthology confront major themes and issues in the lives of trans women of color with profound honesty and attention toward helping one another heal. A story like “The Girl and the Apple,” by Jasmine Kabale Moore, not only unflinchingly describes the sense of ever-present danger that many of us feel in public spaces (including the hyper-vigilant condition of trauma that results from repeated exposure to intense scrutiny and violence) it also provides invaluable emotional support to other trans women of color by accurately reflecting, and therefore validating, our experiences and our perceptions of reality.

A number of other stories explore their own kinds of traumas and begin to show us a way to survive them, a day at a time. In contrast, there are also stories in our anthology that take up a completely different subject matter – genre fantasies, memories and the past, self-acceptance, relationships with family and friends, romance and intimacy, and language itself – but they do so in the specific context of our lives as trans women of color.

Each purchase includes the 180 page anthology in three ebook formats: PDF, MOBI, and EPUB. Free copies of the anthology are available for trans women of color and trans/nonbinary people of color who are affected by transmisogyny - simply email us at twocanthology [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Read Jasmine Kabale Moore's "The Girl and the Apple" at The Coalition

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Anthology Ebook